Sui-fan Ho & Man-kay Koon
Art painter with Chinese, watercolour paintings and Chinese calligraphy and Nature photographer, Vancouver BC

Sui-fan Ho and Man-kay Koon

Sui-fan Ho and Man-kay Koon, a married couple, immigrated to Canada from Hong Kong in 1994 and have been living in Vancouver BC since.


Sui-fan Ho's Bio

Sui-fan’s works exhibit a variety of Chinese painting styles ranging from the basic elaborate approach to the representational style and they cover landscapes and nature.  Sui-fan also practises Chinese calligraphy and is now exploring watercolouring and photography.


Sui-fan’s works had been exhibited in different Art Shows organized by the Federation of Canadian Artists, Richmond Art Gallery, and the Arts Councils of North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby and Delta.


Man-kay Koon's Bio

Man-kay is a photo enthusiast who enjoys very much the beautiful nature and environment of BC and the world; his  works therefore mainly emphasize on  nature, wildlife and landscapes.

Man-kay owned his first 35mm film camera in the early 70’s; however, he took photography more seriously only in recent years. In the past few years, his works have been selected for awards in photo contests and been exhibited in the juried exhibitions organized by the Nature Vancouver, Canadian Geographic, Canadian Museum of Nature, Community Arts Council of Richmond/BC, 2010 Winter Olympic Photo Contest  and Photographer’s Forum Magazine/USA.  Some of his images have also been published in the renowned photo, nature and tourism magazines/books, websites and newspapers; such as Canadian Geographic, Visitors’ Choice Vancouver, Richmond News, Vancouver Courier, journal of the Canadian Association for Photographic Art/CAPA (Canadian Camera), newsletter of the Canadian Wildlife Federation, Photographer’s Forum magazine/USA and Photography Vibes/USA.

Photography is the easiest way to record the fantastic and changing environment of the nature. Photo opportunities are everywhere and at anytime. Having the camera handy and ready all the time plus the watchful eyes are the key factors to favorable results.

Man-kay's Motto: A good camera helps a photographer; it doesn’t make one.


"To rise above the great pack of people calling themselves photographers, one must develop seeing senses to the utmost." - Robert GILKA (1941-2004, 22 years as the Director of photography, National Geographic)