Sui-fan Ho & Man-kay Koon
Art painter with Chinese, watercolour paintings and Chinese calligraphy and Nature photographer, Vancouver BC

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Congratulations on the setting up of the website. I found the artworks are lively and rich in colours. I think these serve to reflect the happiness of the authors. Well done!
Julie Chung - 10 Dec 2014
Wonderful! Nice to have poetry to place along the artworks.
Portia Lai - 8 Dec 2014
Excellent and brilliant! Better to have some description or title.
Doris LI - 3 Dec 2014
I'll will take more time to have a real good look at those beautiful things. Keep up with the work. I have also send your site to Grabiel
Elizabeth & Paul Tsang - 21 Aug 2014
The photo are so nice, Congratulation
Alan Ho - 20 Nov 2013
What an absolute delight to view. Thank you so much for sharing your talents. Such gifts you both have.
Lisa Wong - 5 Sep 2013
Congratulations to both of you! Nice web with lot of beautiful pixs/arts. Keep up the wonderful works.
Philip Yong - 26 Aug 2013
Congrats,awesome works with unique perspective and passion,keep going...
Leo Hu - 18 Aug 2013
proud of you, my sister!
Ho Christina - 15 Aug 2013
Great works ! I like it plays out automatically when visitors stay on the home page.
Derek Leung - 15 Aug 2013
Congratulations! What a good idea for the excellent art work, Angelica and I shall visit this often. Keep up you good work, MK.
Calvin Lam - 14 Aug 2013
Your passion for Art is inspiring !
Warren Rochon - 14 Aug 2013
So I can watch your photos more easy!!Good job!!
T k Wu - 13 Aug 2013
It was wonderful and also recognition of chinese culture.
Hoi-Keung Lee - 20 Jul 2013
I like the photo you took very much!
Ivy He - 18 Jul 2013
Very nice!
Ivy He - 18 Jul 2013
They are all wonderful artworks, I really admire the dexterity with which you manoeuvre paintbrushes. Thank you for sharing.
King ying Cheung - 18 Jul 2013
Good job !
Diana Lam - 17 Jul 2013
Well done!
Eric Chan - 17 Jul 2013
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